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Please help save this stray doggy - victim of a hit and run case!

Bobo (the stray dog) on its way to the vet in my car.

We're raising funds for Bobo's surgery, medical and boarding bills!

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So far, we've raised USD 0 out of USD 1560

Please contact me at kenfoo[at] if you wish to donate other amounts


If you are the owner of this dog, please contact me at kenfoo[at] ! (replace [at] with @)


Summary of what's happening

  • We saved a stray doggie from a hit and run case.
  • He (it's a male) has some fracture/broken bone in the spine and pelvic area which may require surgery
  • He's in pain and can't use its right hind leg which seems to be limp
  • We're asking for donations to help raise funds for its medical bills and accomodation during recovery. Our goal is to raise RM 5000 (About USD 1560)
  • We don't know if he has an owner or he's really just a stray dog without a home. We're trying to locate the owner if there is by posting notices around the area.


The full story

Please note that there are some graphic images in this post.

Today morning (6th June 2008) as me and my wife were driving to work, we noticed a stray dog lying down oddly by the road side. Somehow the way the dog lay down just wasn't right.

Being animal lovers, we stopped by the busy road and found this poor doggy, apparently a victim of a hit and run case. It seems to be in pain with wounds on its head and legs. Its right hind leg also doesn't seem to be moving. We're suspecting that it's broken.

After a bit of struggling to get the dog into my car, a good samaritan stopped by to help us to it. We promptly sent him to the nearest vet in Kepong (PET FIRST Vetenary Centre in Taman Usahawan Kepong - By the way, we're staying in Damansara Suria Apartment in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. There's a stretch of unlit road area with quite a few stray dogs there. We left Bobo (that's the name we gave this stray dog) at the vet for the day for the doctor to perform initial diagnosis to determine the extent of his injury and whether there are any internal injuries. Doctor mentioned that Bobo's an adult dog - approximately 5-6 years old.

Here are more pictures of Bobo

Closeup view of Bobo in my car on the way to the vet. Muzzled up at the vet, preparing to take blood samples to check for internal injuries.


Results of Diagnosis

As I called the doctor at 7:20pm, here's the result of the initial diagnosis

  1. Doesn't seem to be any internal organ injuries. Good.
  2. The leg and pelvic bone seems to be generally fine, with some minor fractures here and there.
  3. Bad news: Bobo has spinal injuries (which explains why his right hind leg is limp)
Our options
  1. Do nothing on the spinal injury, hoping that it would somehow recover by itself and Bobo would get to move its limp hind leg. Doctor mentioned that there is only a 50-50 chance of recovering, and we should only be able to see some results (if any) within 6-8 weeks.
  2. Perform surgery on Bobo. This would require more advanced x-ray prior to the surgery. Cost with surgery estimated somewhere between RM 3000 - RM 5000. (About USD 940 -USD 1560)
Our problem with the above 2 is that
  1. We're staying in an apartment right now, so pets aren't allowed. We'll need to find a place for Bobo to stay for a while, while recovering. Both my parents and my parents in law already have quite a few dogs and can't take more.
  2. It costs quite a fair bit of money for the surgery, boarding and recovery.
Cost breakdown
  • Initial diagnosis - About RM 300 (about USD 90-95)
  • Boarding with medication - Approx RM 50-70 per day (USD 15-USD 22 per day). If we're going for natural recovery, then it'll be 8 weeks x 7 days per week x RM 70 = RM 3920 alone for boarding (!) (About USD 1250)
  • More detailed x-ray + surgery - Starts at RM 3000 to approx RM 5000. Personally we're expecting it to be more due to the boarding and medication.


Our plans for Bobo

We'll be speaking to the vet tomorrow morning to see what are the chances of recovery for the natural and surgical options. We're also posting some notices around the area to see if Bobo has an owner.

If Bobo has an owner, we hope that he/she would contact us. You can reach me at kenfoo[at] (change [at] to @)

If Bobo doesn't have an owner, then we'll need to decide what to do next. SPCA (Society of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) is one option, but we all know what happens to dogs in SPCA if no one adopts them after a while. They get put to sleep to make way for young puppies and other new dogs.

Adopting Bobo is another option, but due to the fact that we're staying in an apartment that doesn't allow pets makes it quite impossible. If you are are based in PJ/KL area in Malaysia and would like to adopt Bobo, please contact us via email (kenfoo[at] - replace [at] with @)

In the mean time, we hope for some kind of honest donations to help fund his medical and boarding bills. We will close the donation once the necessary amount has been reached.

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